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Events Guide


4pm                             Registration

5pm-10pm                  AA Drop in Meetings

6pm-7pm                    Meditation Workshop

8pm-10pm                  Main Shared Platform Meeting

10pm-Close                 Entertainment




9am                              Registration

9am-9.45am                Meditation

10am-10pm                 AA Drop in Meetings

10am-11.30am             Al-Anon Open Meeting

10am-12pm                 Main Shared Platform Meeting

12pm-1.30pm              School Talks Workshop

2pm-4pm                    Main Shared Platform Meeting

2pm-3.30pm               Al-Anon Open Meeting

4pm-4.30pm               Al-Anon Auction

4.30pm-6pm               PI Workshop

6.45pm-8.15pm           Main Shared Platform Meeting

8.15pm-9pm                Raffle

9pm-Close                   Live Band

9pm-Close                   Film




10am-12pm                  Spiritual Meeting

12pm-Close                  Sobriety Countdown 

Room Listings.

All AA Drop in Meetings                    Alfriston Room         Lower Level

All Al-Anon Meetings                         Berwick Room          Lower Level

All Main Platform Meetings               Lawns Room            Ground Floor

All Workshops and Meditation          Martello Room         Ground Floor

Live Band                                             Jevington Room       Lower Level

Film Night                                            Lawns Room            Ground Floor

Raffle                                                    Jevington Room       Lower Level

Al-Anon Auction                                 Lawns Room            Ground Floor 


AA Drop in Meetings Run Hourly

Friday and Saturday

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