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AA for Counselling Professionals

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After smoking, alcoholism kills more people in the UK than any other drug. One adult in 13 is dependant on drink according to Government statistics.

33,000 people die each year due to alcohol-related incidents or associated health problems.

Alcohol is involved in 15% of road accidents, 26% of drownings, and 36% of deaths in fires.

A quarter of accidents at work are drink-related.

A.A. for Counsellors

As a professional coming into contact with alcoholism, you may not, at first, be aware that it is the cause behind a number of other problems. Denial of a drinking problem is symptomatic of alcoholism. Alcoholic clients tend to be evasive when questioned about their drinking and some counsellors may not recognise that alcoholism is aggravating or even causing the problems that they are presenting. Clients may resist any suggestion that alcoholism is involved and be equally hostile to the suggestion of Alcoholics Anonymous as a last recourse.

AA talks for counsellors, therapists, clinical staff, employers, education and institutions, employers and employees can be arranged on request by contacting our East Sussex Public Information Liaison at

What is the best way to get A.A. help for a problem drinker?

By far the best way to get help is to give them the A.A. telephone number (0800 917 7650) or to call the number while the patient or client is with you and hand them the phone.


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