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Probation/Criminal Justice Services Liaison within Alcoholics Anonymous.

The main object of liaising with the Probation Services (in England and Wales) and the Criminal Justice Services (in Scotland) is to carry the message that AA exists, and that its members are freely available to help those who have got into trouble under the Criminal Justice System because of their drinking. It is estimated that a significant number of cases coming before the courts involve some element of alcohol abuse, and that many of those appearing in such cases have a history of re-offending sentences.


It is hoped that engagement with AA will provide an opportunity to help reduce this. AA welcomes the opportunity for Probation Officers and Criminal Justice Social Workers to consider asking the Fellowship to provide information and help where possible.

AA literature is available for these professionals to inform them of what the Fellowship can and cannot do. It will provide experience to inform the design of Criminal Justice System policies relating to alcohol abuse. AA will co-operate in Probation Officers’ and Criminal Justice Social Workers’ training. It will give presentations and literature not only to Probation and Criminal Justice Services, but also to magistrates and sheriffs, judges, courts officials, lawyers’ groups and the police.  The AA ‘contact card’ giving the Helpline number is made widely available to those in contact with offenders.

Experience has often shown that offenders who come to AA Groups and keep coming back, have often changed the direction and quality of their lives. This in turn can also have a considerable impact upon other offenders and Officers when they subsequently share their experiences with them.

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