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AA for Staff in Religious Organisations

AA co-operates closely with staff in religious organisations .


As a spiritual advisor or member of the clergy, you will be accustomed to people turning to you for guidance over personal problems. Because of this, you be well aware of the harmful effects of alcoholism on certain individuals and on those around them, particularly the families.

Alcoholics Anonymous welcomes people of all faiths and those who profess no faith, and because many alcoholics look for guidance from their spiritual advisors, AA co-operates closely with staff in religious organisations . AA meetings are often held in premises belonging to churches or synagogues and staff members are welcome to attend open meetings to acquaint themselves with how AA works.

AA talks for counsellors, therapists, clinical staff, employers, education and institutions, employers and employees can be arranged on request by contacting our East Sussex Public Information Liaison at

What is the best way to get AA help for a problem drinker?

By far the best way to get help is to give them the AA telephone number (0800 9177 650) or to call the number while the patient or client is with you and hand them the phone.


For more information on this or any other subject covered on this website or about AA in general please contact

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